Endurox Excel Natural Exercise Supplement, Increases Metabolism Builds Endurance – 60 Caps
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Endurox Excel Natural Exercise Supplement, Increases Metabolism Builds Endurance – 60 Caps

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What is the advantage of this energy supplement?

Used by mountain climbers in Tibet to extend endurance, Ciwujia the adaptogen herb in Endurox Excel has been shown to have remarkable effects in bolstering the immune system and improving endurance.

Serious exercisers looking for an edge often incorporate herbal products into their training and racing regimens. If you believe the manufacturers claims, there are many herb-based products that deliver a performance edge. All too often, however, claims of improved performance are based on anecdotal evidence rather than hard science. When there is hard science, the claims don t hold up.

A case in point is the research on two so-called endurance herbs, Cordyceps and Rhodiola, which are in a popular product among endurance athletes. The product claims to improve endurance, decrease lactic acid and improve VO2max. It would seem to be a magic bullet. Unfortunately, published studies paint a very different picture. Two studies conducted by different research teams and using different endurance protocols came to the same conclusion. The combination does not improve any parameter of endurance performance. These results are enough to discourage any cyclist seeking a magic bullet.

Researchers at the University of North Texas evaluated the effect of ciwujia during exercise and found ciwujia decreased lactic acid levels by 13 , increased fat utilization by 43.2 and lowered heart rate during moderate exercise.

Two recent studies substantiated this effect. In a study conducted with cyclists, using a double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover protocol, which is the gold standard for scientific studies, researchers found that eight weeks of supplementation with ciwujia produced a 23 increase in performance and a 12 increase in peak VO2. Yet perceived fatigue levels were no higher despite this greater work capacity. The study data also demonstrated the increase in endurance performance results from an increased breakdown of fat which creates a muscle glycogen-sparing effect.

In a 28 day trial with runners, published in the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, researchers confirmed that ciwujia increased endurance, V02 max and fat utilization.

Ciwujia is not banned by the International Olympic Committee or the World Anti-doping Agency. If you are planning on adding ciwujia to your training regimen, keep in mind that optimal results are not seen until after eight weeks. As a final point, there are a number of studies that also show that ciwujia can bolster the immune system, so besides improving endurance, ciwujia can help you stay healthier.

Ciwujia has been used in Chinese medicine for almost 1,700 years. Ciwujia is classified as an adaptogen because of its ability to bolster the immune system. What made this herb particularly interesting to exercise scientists were reports that it was used by Tibetan mountain climbers to improve work performance at high altitudes. Work at high altitude conditions in many ways simulates moderate to intense exercise, since in both cases muscles are operating in a limited oxygen environment.

Adaptogens are herbs that have been shown to extend endurance and bolster the immune system. Its use in exercise resulted from reports that mountain climbers used ciwujia to improve work performance at high altitudes. Based on these initial observations, PacificHealth Lab scientists conducted studies showing that ciwujia is a safe and effective ingredient to boost performance. Since its original launch, it has been used by tens of thousands of athletes as a workout supplement. The usual dose is two capsules once per day and noticeable results are usually quite apparent after 3-4 weeks.

Are there any special features of this Pacific Health energy supplement?

Boost your metabolism and burn more fat during workouts and get leaner faster Speed muscle recovery and decrease lactic acid build up Increase cardiac efficiency with lower heart rates and higher VO2 max Increase endurance and immune system response Take two tablets daily whether it s training day or rest day to keep your body at its best

Customer reviews for Endurox Excel Natural Exercise Supplement, Increases Metabolism Builds Endurance – 60 Caps

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I m very sensitive to caffeine and in the summer of 2016 was looking for a product to boost output during long distance running that did not contain caffeine. I purchased Endurox Exel and the first day I took it did a 6 mile run. Half way through I started to realize I wasn t feeling the burn I was astounded I m 34 and would bet money I could outrun the 23 year old me As advertised, it reduces latic acid buildup, you will not get sore muscles using this product, at least I havent in almost a year. Side note It has taken almost a year to feel like I have plateaued. I stopped taking it for a week......Sore muscles... Jumping back on, the reason I m typing this. I m a normal person that likes running and I want to give a no BS assessment, I have nothing to gain by doing so.
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