Longvida Optimized Curcumin 500mg, Ultra Bioavailable Sustained Action, Vegan 30 Capsules
Turmeric Curcumin

Longvida Optimized Curcumin 500mg, Ultra Bioavailable Sustained Action, Vegan 30 Capsules

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The turmeric curcumin come in all shapes and sizes for a good reason: everybody has different needs. So before buying a turmeric curcumin, consider what you’ll use it for. Think about the most important aspects of a turmeric curcumin, and how those aspects can line up with your needs.

There are many brands out there, how are you to know which one to choose? Which type of turmeric curcumin would best suit you?

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What is the advantage of this turmeric curcumin?

The world is changing. We are leading fuller, longer lives but we are also being challenged in new and unexpected ways. Gradually, the foundations of great health are being eroded nourishment from local, seasonal food clean air and water rejuvenating sleep regular, natural movement living a low-stress life.

Staying healthy now requires a commitment to healthy nutrition and an active outdoor lifestyle. At Igennus, we believe in the power of food coupled with careful supplementation to boost, protect and manage our health throughout our lifetime. Scientifically developed by our in-house team, our expertly formulated nutrition supplements optimise bioavailability and work in harmony with your body for superior results.

Curcumin in its active free form is the most beneficial of 3 main curcuminoids in turmeric, including DMC and BDMC. Studies show that free form curcumin is the most potent with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and antifungal properties. Longvida Optimized Curcumin delivers high concentrations of superior free form curcumin in comparison to other formulations which typically raise levels of the lesser active curcuminoids DMC or BDMC .

Longvida Optimized Curcumin and the brain Free form curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike its metabolites and other curcuminoids. As it stays in the body for long periods in the active, free form, Longvida is the only curcumin proven to cross the blood-brain barrier, with the potential for beneficial action in the brain.

Curcumin naturally has extremely poor bioavailability, meaning that very little gets absorbed into the blood, mainly passing through the gut unchanged. Curcumin that is absorbed is broken down very quickly by gut enzymes and the liver. The half life of standard turmeric the time taken to halve its concentration in the body is less than 1 minute Longvida technology provides a coating of fatty acids and phospholipids around the curcumin molecule, resulting in rapid absorption in the digestive system. The protective nature of the Longvida solid lipid curcumin particle SLCP system delivers curcumin directly into the lymphatic system, which is responsible for transporting fluid around the body, rather than the bloodstream. This means that active, free form curcumin can reach the body s cells without being broken down by liver enzymes, resulting in an exceptional half-life of over 7 hours in the body.

Longvida lipid technology overcomes poor bioavailability of standard curcumin, efficiently delivering free curcumin, delivering therapeutic blood levels with much smaller doses than other delivery systems. Longvida allows curcumin to last 7x longer in the body and increases blood concentrations 65x higher, with 285x greater bioavailability than standard curcumin. Piperine black pepper extract improves absorption of curcuminoids by suppressing liver function, to slow down the breakdown. The effects are minimal, with a half-life of around 6 minutes vs Longvida s half-life of 7.5 hours In addition, suppressing liver detoxification pathways long-term could lead to a build-up of toxins, medications and excess hormones in the body. Meriva curcumin is well absorbed but principally elevates the other curcuminoids, not free curcumin. It is also broken down rapidly in the liver and quickly flushed out of the body. Novasol CurcuWIN have good bioavailability, but lack clinical trial evidence.

We are a family-run, privately owned company founded in 2004, based in Cambridge the heart of life sciences innovation in the UK. Our co-founder Dr Jav Nazemi, his two daughters and his wife are all involved in the day-to-day running of Igennus Healthcare Nutrition, which operates more like an extended family. Our close-knit team are passionate about health and obsessive about nutrition.

Our purpose is to empower people to lead healthier, fuller lives, through high-impact nutrition. We develop specialist, bioavailable nutrition supplements to help people to meet their nutritional needs and support optimal health. We proactively impart our expertise about nutrition, diet and lifestyle to enable people to make sustainable changes that make the biggest difference to their health. We re here to help you on your journey.

Longvida Optimized Curcumin has been formulated to enhance the absorption and retention of free curcumin the active form that is not metabolised or glucuronidated into the bloodstream and target tissues. Free curcumin is the only form that is proven to reach the brain. This patented lipid delivery technology offers 285x greater bioavailability, 65x higher peak plasma levels, and 7x longer-lasting action than standard curcumin.

All of our supplements are expertly developed in-house by nutrition scientists and our resident doctor, to efficiently raise nutrient levels in the body for maximum results. We are obsessed with bioavailability and formulate our supplements considering the full journey of the nutrient inside the body. From pill to cell, we seek to maximise the absorption, saturation and retention of the active ingredients. We are always mindful of the synergies and interactions of nutrients within the body to avoid disrupting homeostasis.

We carefully source from reputable suppliers, whose raw materials are tested before production, ensuring we only use super-pure ingredients in our products. We use UK, European USA facilities that manufacture in compliance with strict and stringent GMP good manufacturing practices quality standards that medicines manufacturers must meet in their production processes to ensure products are of consistent high quality that you can trust 100 . We promise consistent high quality, safety and purity and stated doses for the entire shelf life.

We reject before manufacturing any ingredients that do not match our exacting standards. We test finished products to ensure we offer you the active levels we state on the nutritional panel, which also always details both bulk and active ingredient, for greater transparency.

Curcumin is a flavonoid extract of Turmeric root but it is poorly absorbed in the body and rapidly metabolized into inactive forms. Longvida optimised Curcumin harnesses a patented lipid delivery technology that offers 285x greater bioavailability, 65x higher peak plasma levels, and 7x longer-lasting action than standard Curcumin. Longvida Curcumin is highly stable and highly soluble, uniquely optimized to deliver free Curcumin the active form that is not metabolisms or glucuronidated into the bloodstream and target tissues. Free Curcumin is the only form that is proven to reach the brain. Longvida technology addresses factors associated with poor bioavailability by providing a unique phospholipid and fatty acid coating that surrounds the Curcumin molecule and enables it to be transported into the lymphatic system rather than the circulatory system. Unlike the circulatory system, The lymphatic system Bypasses the liver the major organ for metabolism , so less Curcumin is exposed to metabolic enzymes. In contrast with even phytosomal formulations, longvida avoids conjugation and glucuronidation, enabling Curcumin to remain in the free active form and offer an unrivaled half-life of over 7 hours. bottle contents 30 capsules month supply at a daily dosage of 1 capsule .

What are the special features of this Igennus Healthcare Nutrition turmeric curcumin?

LONGVIDA RETAINS FREE FORM CURCUMIN curcumin in its active free form is the most beneficial of 3 main compounds in turmeric, together with DMC and BDMC. Piperine and Meriva phytosome formulas deliver very little free curcumin, instead raising levels of the less beneficial DMC and BDMC 285x BIOAVAILABILITY 65x HIGHER BLOOD LEVELS with unrivalled performance, Longvida delivers free-form curcumin to the bloodstream and target tissues the form shown in clinical studies to offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects BYPASSES LIVER METABOLISM transporting curcumin directly into the lymphatic system, Longvida uniquely avoids being broken down by liver enzymes. In contrast with even phytosome delivery systems, Longvida avoids conjugation and glucuronidation, retaining curcumin in the free form with sustained effects 7-HOUR HALF LIFE free curcumin is fat-soluble and stays in the body for longer. Clinical studies show that Longvida sustains active blood levels of free curcumin for over 7.5 hours, at much lower doses than other delivery systems. The half life of piperine by comparison is 6 minutes UNIQUE BRAIN-SUPPORTING BENEFITS only free form curcumin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. The Longvida delivery system has robust clinical studies supporting its ability to elevate free form curcumin to clinically active blood levels, with a long half life

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I ordered this supplement hoping for some relief from arthritic symptoms in my feet. I have not been diagnosed with arthritis basically my feet were just really stiff and sore in the morning such that it was difficult to even walk upon first rising from bed which I attributed to some sort of inflammation.
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