Xwerks Ignite – Pre-Workout Supplement – Blue Razz 30 Servings
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Xwerks Ignite – Pre-Workout Supplement – Blue Razz 30 Servings

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Do you know what is the superiority of this pre workout powder?

Xwerks Ignite is the ultimate pre-workout supplement – Uniquely designed with clinically proven ingredients for total performance optimization.Ignite breaks the mould on typical pre-workout formulas that have flooded the marketplace. Most are filled with sometimes dangerous chemicals and stimulants that only give you a quick burst of energy shortly followed by the dreaded crash.Ignite was created with real athletes in mind, ones that expect real measurable performance increases.

Caffeine – Caffeine is a powerful stimulant scientifically proven to increase power output and cardiovascular performance.Vitamin B6 – Protein metabolism, growth and carbohydrate utilization are all made possible in part by the presence of vitamin B6. Studies on B6 in athletic performance show a definite increased need for athletes and possible performance enhancement from supplementation.Vitamin B12 – Helps to maintain normal energy levels. Promotes healthy neurological activity, including mental alertness.
Rhodiola Rosea – Rhodiola boosts physical and mental performance, along with enhancing recovery from intense-resistance exercise. It has been used for thousands of years by the Vikings and Chinese, proven for reducing fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations. Rhodiola is also neuroprotective and promotes longevity.DMAE – Improves memory, concentration and intellectual function. DMAE is a compound that is known as a mind health compound. It does this by reducing buildup of what is known as the age pigment , which impairs cognitive function and is implicated in the cognitive decline with age. It can also increase levels of the compound involved with memory, acetylcholine.It can also protect neurons and other cells from harmful effects of certain types of oxidation by embedding itself in the structure of the cell and acting as an anti-oxidant, as well as sustaining metabolic processes in the body through a process known as methyl donation .L-Tyrosine – The brain converts this to the stimulatory neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine the last two being the famous fight or flight hormones , known collectively as catecholamines. Approximately 90 of the brain s catecholamines are synthesized directly from the amino acid tyrosine.Supplementing with l-Tyrosine helps to relieve stress, burnout, anxiety and mental fatigue. Studies also show it is beneficial increasing workout intensity, recuperation and help prevent overtraining.
CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine – Beta-alanine has been shown to enhance muscular endurance and help regulate muscular pH.When beta-alanine is ingested, it combines with the amino acid l-histidine and turns into the molecule carnosine. Oral ingestion of beta-alanine and substantially elevate carnosine, up to 80 , since beta alanine is the rate limiter in carnosine production. Elevated carnosine levels have scientifically been proven to improve performance in high intensity exercise and also increase power output max strength . High levels of carnosine are typically found naturally in elite level athletes, such as sprinters – the more carnosine, the better performance.Calcium and Magnesium Lactate – Athletes have been told for decades that lactic acid is the enemy. Modern science has shown that is the complete opposite of the truth, lactic acid is not a waste product as a result of exercise, it is fuel for muscles. Lactate lactic acid is now recognized as a key fuel source for your muscles during strenuous exercise.When you exercise muscles start to produce more lactate than they can consume. This process continues until the lactate levels rise in your blood to a level that signals your muscles to stop producing it. This can quickly throw off the pH in your muscles acidosis , causing the burning sensation we all know.By supplementing with lactate before a workout, you switch your body from lactate production to lactate consumption – as well as provide additional fuel for your muscles.By already having lactate in your blood, your muscles already have the fuel they need. The burning sensation is greatly reduced, even eliminated, by significantly balancing pH as this study shows. Work capacity increases through the roof, for example, this study showed a 17 increase in time to exhaustion when supplementing with lactate.L-Citrulline Malate – Supplementation with the amino acid L-Citrulline supports reduced fatigue and improved endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Other benefits suggested in studies include reduction in muscle soreness, increased work capacity and increased blood flow.

Are there any special features of this Xwerks pre workout powder?

The ultimate performance enhancing pre-workout product based on clinically studied and proven ingredients. Explosive energy blend with no crash. Ingredients proven to increase muscle growth and repair Brain enhancing nootropics blend to give you laser like focus Expands muscular endurance and work capacity

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Kyle Bruton: “Great produ…Read more
Love this product. Effectiveness deserves 5 s. Unfortunately, the last two orders have come in giant clumps of powder and DO NOT mix well. I would advise going to Xworks main site to order products in hopes this does not happen.
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